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Usage: Although the implementations are different across the various mobile OS platforms, support is quite widespread, with the exception of the stock Android browser.For this browser and for low-end devices a simple text field will be displayed. A Java Script datepicker can be implemented for high-end devices which do not support this field.

Email input type on Chrome for Android browser, showing message – note the promotion of the ‘@’ symbol required for email input The email input type is well supported across mobile browsers.However, IE Edge does support input types, and it’s under development in Firefox (and available in Firefox Nightly builds).These input types allow the user to enter both time and date information.Based on the table above you can decide to display a Java Script colour picker for high-end devices, and implement a simple server-side choice for low-end devices.When supported, interacting with a field using this input type will display a native-like date picker widget.

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