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Colton can go way ahead of Lanter in the sense that he was glass closet and never tried to wipe his internet fag activity footprint and nor is he a fundie(? That's about as bad as it gets for closets.'Tomorrow People,' 'The 100,' 'Reign,' 'Oxygen' Ordered to Series at CW A week ahead of its upfront presentation to Madison Avenue ad buyers, the youth-skewing network picked up four additional projects to join "The Originals" in 2013-14. Colton did try to wipe his gay past off the internet, do you remember what the lawyer did? There are different reasons for being closeted and different levels of vileness. R71 ah, so now you're posting from a different IP are you? Ah did not know that r5, was just an assumption, that is disappointing. I give you the dumbest, self-loathing, homophobic dumbfuck to ever grace Datalounge.That's why I said it's the accumulation of quite a bit of early talk, industry contacts, people close to what used to be his old circle of friends (the gay/bi crew he more so rolled with before he switched to the devout Christian group now), etc. There's been quite a bit of 'smoke' with him since the beginning, and it's pretty much all led in the same direction......

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For some non-famous fundie girl from Ohio, with an obvious closet case, that just raises an eyebrow... Matt at the 2013 CW Upfronts in NYC -He took the 'fiance' with him, there on the red carpet in pics. I don't know if these people are denying themselves but the sad thing is they're complicit with the bigots who say being gay is wrong according to the teachings of the bible. because there's no such thing as bi, bearding, being in denial, or being forced to marry a girl because of your fundie family.. The guy is a D list actor, I'll admit that I've watched the new 90210 before, not very good though.""I never heard that before, I'll check it out, Also, yeah she is very strict Christian.Lanter being on dudetube then fundie is about as bad/laughable as it gets. I find it interesting that the "fiance" has to go EVERYWHERE with him. It's like she has no job of her own if she follows him everywhere and hangs on his arm like the trophy wife. but he will just end up fucking guys on the side during his marriage, like most closet cases do. The deal is as long as they keep it quiet and tight they get to sing Hosana all they want and the studio picks up the tab for their Brokeback Mountain adventures. Who the hell knows, like many little secrets in Hollywood, they probably do have a little "boys club" going on, at least Jason and Matt prob do.If Haynes wasn't on Xtube or whatever then he wins for not being stupid (much to the chagrin of his fans! Plus, if you ever look at her twitter or instagram, it's as if her whole life revolves around him. He is a self hating fundie closet case, hence he married a girl. Marrying a girl doesn't change his sexuality, despite the fact that you want it to. You have no idea how many of the celebrities that you're crushing on right now that are gay. This is a very telling comment (and NOT the first time I've heard it) -"The times when we’ve seen her with him at places like Star Wars weekends at Disney, she’s come across as bitchy, clingy & VERY possessive…."Woke up this morning with an ocean view and a new bride. And "gayface" is the telling sign of someone being gay? Jason Kennedy is kinda heartbroken because he liked Roberts hole the best and was a real champ about rimming it and letting everyone else fuck it before him. While his wife watches I am stretching out Matty's hole with 3 fingers.I get that most celebs take their partner to some events, but she goes everywhere with him and is photographed everywhere with him..she's not even in the industry. and his new primarily younger female fanbase knew nothing about this past (and they still don't..they simply don't want to believe it).And I've seen the little youtube red carpet press videos of the publicist screaming HER name to the press. Me thinks someone is trying to prove something a little too much...... :) #actors4Jesus And everyone else is like "oh, you're a christian? This is NOT a case of any dislike for him (quite the opposite) or basing it on the Dudetube images alone.

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