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These apps can quickly become an unhealthy source of validation for many, and can even negatively affect those who don’t receive as many positive reactions and responses to their profiles as they would like.“On tinder people are judged by how they look and how they portray their photos,” said Kenneth Scott Bredehoft, a freshman in pre-business.

“I think for a lot of guys it can ruin their self-image if they don’t get it right because they won’t get many matches.”A common harmful event caused by dating apps is something many people call “catfishing”.

Catfishing is when someone creates a fake identity for themselves, whether it be by using pictures of someone other than themselves, or falsely depicting themselves through a made-up persona, it can be disheartening to know the person you’ve been talking to isn’t real, and can even become dangerous.“There are a lot of disingenuous people out there who can tailor profiles that don't actually convey who they are," Goebel said.

"It's really hard to start a meaningful connection if you are unsure whether you are talking to the real person or the fiction they created to be more likable, datable, exciting on a profile."However, there are many dangers that come along with all social media nowadays, and it is important to always be looking out for yourself.

Tinder, Grindr, Bumble and; just a few of the many dating apps that bring people together daily, whether it be for a night or longer, but how are they affecting the people using them?

According to the BBC News, one of the most popular dating apps, Tinder, launched in 2012 and only two years later was registering over a billion “swipes” a day.

Finding a date with Mingle2 has never been simpler.

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Tinder reccomends to get to know the other person, always meet and stay in public places, tell friends and family of your plans, transport yourself to and from the meeting and stay sober.“Most of the experiences have been positive,” Bredehoft said.This article originally appeared in the 5/4/2005 issue.Links to this article are strongly encouraged, and this article may be republished without further permission if published as written and if credit is given to the author, Horticulture and Home Pest News, and Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.Although they may always have a certain stigma or negative connotation, dating apps have shown to be a positive experience for many, and can benefit those seeking something new and different in their lives.“I think for those people who are honest and put into an app a real version of who they are and connect with someone equally honest, it has the potential to raise self-esteem and reinforce the idea that there is that ‘someone’ out there,” Goebel said.The following chart is based on weather data collected from 1971 to 2000.* Probabilities indicate the likelihood of experiencing 32 F on or after the given date in spring and on or before the given date in fall.

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