Dating herpes someone

Edit: thank you all so incredibly much for your information and personal accounts. I grew up in a cornfield and have seen a doctor maybe five times in my life, so I don't know anything about healthcare. It has helped tremendously I truly truly appreciate it! So a marketing campaign was launched to build a market for this medicine. Since they raised the age limit to 44 does that mean I can just walk into a clinic and schedule an appointment for an HPV vaccine?? It was HPV strain positive (or whatever the term is). I hadn’t realized they raised they age to 44 for the vaccine. Anyone who has had it for years, knows their body and takes a drug such as Valtrex (valacyclovir) will be safe.

When she arrived I offered her some wine but she asked if we could just have coffee. She explained that she really wanted to pursue a relationship with me but before we “consummated” our relationship she needed to tell me that she had Herpes.

I kinda said it as a joke but she said she had made it a point to see me right away so we could have sex or end the relationship.

I immediately kissed her and we headed to the bedroom. She got dressed almost right after and said she had to go.

We spoke a number of times but once on the cruise, our communication was limited mostly to texts and email as there was limited Wi Fi.

Most cruise lines charge a fee so she could only communicate when the ship was at a port-of-call.

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