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While living with the Talleys, whom Jamie referred to as grandpa and grandma, his biological parents lived less than 30 miles away. His birth mother went on to have two daughters, which she kept and raised. Why did his mom decide to keep her other kids but not Jamie?

For many years, he had no communication with his parents.

It was at that time when more information about her was uncovered.

Aside from serving in the Air Force for five years, she owns an accounting firm in southern California.

For example, the mothers of his daughters remained a mystery for a long time.

Also, although he was in a relationship with actress Katie Holmes for years, he never publicly confirmed they were an item.

We aren’t the only ones baffled by Jamie’s messy dating history.

The actor, 51, appeared to confirm that he is no longer dating Katie Holmes, 40, after revealing his relationship status on stage whilst performing at the Entertainment Studios Oscar Gala Supporting Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.Katie was said to have been banned from having a public relationship under the strict terms of her quickie divorce from superstar Tom.Meanwhile, in 2018 Katie was forced to deny claims she had dumped Dreamgirls star Jamie over "trust issues".Despite, the high profile duo finally went public with their relationship in September 2017, when they were pictured holding hands while walking along a beach.On November 29, 2018 it was reported that Katie and Jamie are planning to get married in Paris.

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