Dating fender pickups and pots

Then in 1986 they started production on the new American Standard Stratocasters.Finally, By the way, when Trevor finally patented his roller nut, he was living in Australia!) Each of these models are taken up on different pages on this website (just click on the names).The Plus Series was a very good attempt to reclaim Fender USA's floundering reputation, as quality had drastically gone down hill under CBS's ownership. The Stratocaster was Leo Fender's second guitar design after the Telecaster around 1953, with actual production beginning in early 1954.

Fender "corporates" seized the opportunity to try to talk Jeff into having a namesake (signature) Stratocaster model, so the story goes.The short version is that this was built as a prototype for the proposed Jeff Beck Signature model.Jeff decided not to do a Signature model (then later changed his mind) and the guitar was returned to Fender.and was the highest end production model next to Fender's Custom Shop guitars. There was some transitional Strat Plus' in 1999 that were a mix of the new DX Strat series and the Plus Series.You can tell by the serial number, which started with DN9XXXXX and they also had a chrome Fender logo on the headstock.

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