Dating fender amplifiers by serial number

If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year (i.e., a “66” would mean 1966).

The last two digits refer to the week of the year (i.e., a “26” would mean the 26th week or, roughly, June).

In the table below, for example, a “CE” date code indicates a production date of May 1992.

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Everyone thinks Fender Amps are dated by the serial number like their and most guitars....Fender Amps: the First 50 Years John Teagle and John Sprung Available through your local Authorized Fender Dealer pn# As I have said in the past;* The 2 letter date code rubber stamped on the Tube Chart, or * The 2 letter date code on the QA Sticker, or * The Transformer Number that starts with "606-XX-XX", with the X's being the unknown numbers that need to be provided by the owner of the amplifier asking the question.The type of face, grille cloth, type and number of speakers, type and number of knobs, etc only come into play when you're trying to value the amplifier in the Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers per the model description that is provided.This black-and-silver sticker contains several lines for “sign-offs” on completion of sound and electrical testing.The final line contains a date code of two printed or handwritten letters denoting the amplifier’s production date by year (the first letter) and month (the second letter).

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