Dating customs in uganda

am is hour two and so on until which is the twelfth hour of the day.Then is the first hour of the night and is the second hour of the night and so on.The guest will only be given black tea if the host has run out of milk. It is usually served to show kindness and politeness to a guest.People will not ask if you eat meat before they serve it as it’s not common to meet people who are vegetarian.

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It’s rude in Uganda to ask a guest if they need a drink or food.When two different cultures meet, there are bound to be surprised about the different ways of doing things and misinterpretations of behaviour and practices.Misunderstandings are commonly a result of different groups looking at things from their own perspective.This means about 40 different cultures and a lot more subcultures.The differences in the ethnic groups make Uganda a “multicultural society”.

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