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I knew nothing about the military except what I heard on the news and I was scared.

Soon after, I decided to turn that fear into action.

These things can help you decompress and help your body to heal from the stress.

Kathryn Sneed is Christian military wife and stay-at-home mom to her two special needs kiddos.

Interested in supporting your child's immune system, emotions and focus naturally this back-to-school season? I knew the next few months would be hard: I would be planning a wedding by myself and learning all about what it means to be a military spouse.

He had decided to go into the military and join the Air Force and he wanted to propose before he left for basic training. So many thoughts and questions ran through my mind.

It would help me feel and look better and it helped me deal with the stress of our situation.

If working out is hard for you, try going to yoga or doing deep breathing and meditation.

While every person will have a different experience, I believe that you too can grow and find a strength you never knew you had before.

Try searching for message boards or blogs for military S. These types of sites will offer plenty of support and encouragement and you will be able to ask questions about what you’re going through from people who’ve gone through it too!

You will probably not know when the first phone call will come through, but prepare for it to be very short.

I took to the internet and tried to find as much information as I could about the Air Force, basic training, and military life in general.

If this was something he was going to do, then I needed to be prepared and learn as much as possible.

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