Dating and marriage in switzerland

Yet despite its small size, it seems everyone has an opinion about what life is like in Switzerland.

For some the mountainous country is a beautiful, pristine paradise.

But I digress, the point is that in Switzerland it’s much more common to just hang out with someone. You might meet up in groups of friends, go for walks, or have a coffee.

The important thing is spending time together as opposed to going on dates together.

In other words: they are spoilt by gorgeous nature. If you date a Swiss man get prepared for hikes in the mountains as well as skiing in winter.

You will want to keep fit to keep up with your man.

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She’s also the spokesperson for The Little Angels Community Center and an avid blogger.

Maybe you were swept off your feet during a visit to the Alps, where you met a Swiss man.

It’s after all quite romantic with mountain tops, snow and mulled wine.

Being introduced to someone’s friends is therefore seen as normal, not as “he likes me because I get to meet them.”Now, I haven’t dated any Swiss men myself, but from what I hear it tends to be similar to the rest of Europe – you hang out for a few weeks and if you start having sex you become a couple.

It doesn’t mean you are madly in love or intend to marry, it means you are testing the waters.

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