Dating an impotent man

Younger men are seeking more anonymous methods to voice their problems and see how other men are finding ways to cope While when you're on the end of ED it can seem like a pretty straightforward issue— he can't get it up— in reality the whole issue is way more nuanced than that.

There are so many different problems, solutions, and feelings surrounding it.

The site explained that "forum participants open up about deep-seated and personal issues: reliance on porn, injuries to the penis, and a plethora of frustrating and mysterious symptoms".

It's just not as cut and dry as it looks from a female perspective.

The whole report is very in-depth and worth checking out, in part for the fascinating interactive charts with word associations.

They looked at posts and comments about ED from 3,962 users.

So there's a really well-rounded look about how men talk about erectile dysfunction to other men that are struggling.

In fact, according to the research "common terms include 'porn' (which is mentioned more than twice as often as second most–common phrase), 'anxiety,' 'issue,' 'psychological,' and 'stress.'.

While porn dependence can sometimes be a cause of ED (one man said “I am in my mid-20s and have had a problem getting and maintaining an erection with sexual partners since my late teens when I first started looking at internet porn"), there is also an issue of watching porn causing unrealistic performance expectation.

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