Dating a model

Everyone dreams of the opportunity to date a model.We stare at their pictures in the magazines and think about how wonderful it would be to have someone that beautiful beside you.If you can help make her dreams come true you stand a good chance of keeping her by your side.Attractiveness Donald Trump aside, if you are not an attractive and fit man, your chances of recruiting a model are slim to none.Emotional Support Do you have the ability to satiate the ego that comes along with an attractive model?

Yes, it really is all about breeding at the end of day (we are mammals after all) and we want to have attractive offspring.Cruelly after dedicating themselves to the shallow industry aging models are simply not called back for well paying contracts.Few models are gainfully employed after the age of thirty which makes it one of the most demanding professions arguably on the planet.You had better be bringing as much to the table as she is or you stand no chance in falling in love with and building a relationship with a genetically perfect individual.But if you are still convinced that you wish to date or marry a model, there are some basic rules you need to know in order to make that happen. Have you ever seen a successful businessman in the car with a grossly unattractive woman?

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