Dating a desi

It was not that I did not feel comfortable with my partner, but it was the idea of me relying on someone else, other than myself. I tend to self-sabotage certain areas in my life, not because I’m not ready for it, but because if I hurt myself, then I can live with it, but the idea of someone I love breaking me down, that’s bothersome.

But my most recent relationship taught me that it is safe to slowly open up and rely on someone else from time-to-time. More so, the idea of another person having that much of an affect over me, really scared me.

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But I never really understood it until my last relationship.

If you find yourself dating an independent woman, keep in mind that she will take some time to let her guard down, share all of her feelings or ask for help right away.

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The latest worldwide census revealed that 17 percent of the world’s population is Indian, and its population living abroad is the largest in the world.I kept to myself, and while I was very social, most of my friends knew little about me.This tends to lead to problems with my personal relationships because I do not readily open up my feelings and emotions.I was taught to live by Sikh morals and values, and our faith teaches us to be warriors, so sometimes expressing my feelings and asking for help was not always the first route taken.Also, naturally, being the middle child, suffering from middle child syndrome, I bottled things up.

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