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“Some people just talk, though — rumors get started,” she revealed. There was talk he was talking to me when I was younger, which was completely false.

He didn’t have any idea who I was.” “Another rumor was that I’d broken up him and his wife — that was utterly false.” She also revealed some of the things people had asked her.

This is his last year, before retiring, but he works with 12- to 14-year-olds.

He is someone I love.” “I get asked constantly if I have ‘daddy issues.’ But I tell people my father is very much active in my life and will be and is very supportive of my relationship with Vann.” Their relationship has even been a meme and prompted a hashtag: #husbandnotdad.

I was actually surprised at how supportive they were.” “Once they knew Vann’s intentions and my intentions and realized we really enjoyed each other’s company, they were happy for us. “He has grandchildren who call me ‘Grandma,’” she said.

“But it’s a joke — it is all facetious.” “His oldest is nearly 15 and it’s really funny because I am really short and she is 5 foot 10 inches tall with the longest legs and towers over me.” But not everyone has been kind.

“I’ve been asked, ‘How do you deal with a plunging libido? The main problem Courtney encounters in her relationship with Vann is other women making a play for her man, who, at 59, is a year younger than her dad, Wallis.

“If we are in a supermarket, then single moms hit on him because they think it’s adorable he has such a good relationship with his daughter,” she explained.

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