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Recently, the American Psychiatric Association Board of Trustees rejected several proposals for the new disorder and therefore sexual addiction does not appear in the DSM-5.Even though clinicians have been treating the disorder, the Board of Trustees estimated that there was not enough research to consider adding the disorder to Section 3 (disorders that require further research) of the DSM-5 (5).Third, men had higher scores of frequency of using cybersex than women [t(2,224) = 1.97, p Sex addiction otherwise known as Compulsive sexual behavior, has been associated with serious psychosocial problems and risk-taking behaviors.This behavior has not been recognized as a disorder that merits inclusion in the DSM (1) see Ref. Despite different views about pathological characteristics of sexual addiction there is an agreement that this is a progressive relapsing condition, which does not merely refer to sexual lifestyle that is socially deviant (2–4).Police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said no incidents appeared to have been reported.However, she said: “People are urged to report similar incidents or any other criminal activities to the police.” Crouch said email scams involved messages with subject lines which included a password that victims had probably used at some point, or their ID numbers.“A Dutch security researcher examined a few dozen of the Bitcoin addresses given in the emails, and found that they had received in excess of 000 (R700000) as of July 19, 2018.” He added that the passwords referred to would be an old password that may have been used years ago.

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“One was unemployed and sold personal items and borrowed money to pay the extortionists,” Balram said.

They’re hoping you’re scared enough to believe their story and send them Bitcoin.

“The scammer is most likely using a script that draws from this database of passwords and automatically sends out the email in bulk.

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