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Following political tension with Egypt and Syria, reconnaissance flights became evermore difficult.In 1979, a satellite program was proposed followed by a year of feasibility study.Its first satellite, the Ofeq-1 was launched on September 19, 1988, from Palmachim Airbase in Israel.Since the launching of that first satellite, Israel has developed into a significant player in the commercial space arena.

The committee was formed to increase research activities across the academic communities in Israel.The study was completed by late 1980; Saguy requested from prime minister Menachem Begin that the project proceed to its next phase.In 1982, a new recommendation called "Ofeq Program" was submitted for developing an observation satellite.The decision was made by PM Menachem Begin, Defense minister Ariel Sharon, and former director Aharon Beit Halahmi.The initial goal was to pursue the program to develop to Ofeq and the Shavit launchers.

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