Consolidating worksheets in excel 2016

You can: The Edit Links dialogue box is pictured below.

You can also reach this dialogue box by going to the Data tab, going to the Connections group, then clicking Edit Links.

In this article, we are going to learn how to link and consolidate worksheets.

Whenever you link workbooks, you make it so that one workbook is dependent on the other.

Enter an equal sign into the cell to start the formula. Select the cell or range, then press the Enter key on the keyboard. The cell with the data we are linking to is cell A2.

When you select the cell or range, Excel creates the external reference, as shown below. The formula pictured above appears in the cell in the dependent workbook. Let's say you have two workbooks open that you have not yet saved.

If you open a workbook that contains several external reference links, you will see the Startup Prompt dialogue box.

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Linking two worksheets together means using references to cells in an external worksheet to bring data into your worksheet.If you need to change the source workbook, go to the Edit Links dialogue box.Click on the source workbook that you want to change, then click the Change Source button.The source workbook contains the information used in the dependent workbook.If the information linked to in the source workbook is updated or changed, those updates or changes will be reflected in the dependent workbook as well.

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