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Mom and pops did the best they could do with the cards they were dealt, and she grew up surrounded by love.

However, she did admit to the publication that she grew up with parents who were "kind of hot messes." .

"He told me he'd come back, and he said he'd never leave me with these people, referring to my parents …

"I lied to him about having to go to a friend's surprise party in Barcelona … I made up her name — her name became Vivian — and she had a husband and she had a daughter by the end of the trip named Molly," she said.

Her ability to fabricate the truth is no secret to those closest to her.

"From that day onward, if I saw my mother crying or heard my parents groaning in anguish in their bedroom in the early hours of the morning, I would leave the house and cry," she wrote in her memoir The tragic death of her eldest brother also meant her parents became "unreliable" and "unavailable" to her.

"That's when I realized you can't ever really depend on anybody. But even if they didn't die, those you love the most may not be there for you when you need them," she told .

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