Chatbot sexy ita

Let’s say Saulino sleeps 6 hours a day, which is less than ideal, but she just doesn’t have the time.If our math is right, and it is, it will take 145 years for Saulino to give oral sex to everyone in Italy who voted “No.” Unless Saulino is wizard who can split her soul across seven different horcruxes to achieve immortality, a la Lord Voldemort, she will not meet her goal. So far during the first leg of her oral sex tour, Saulino has given approximately 400 blowjobs, which isn’t nearly enough to keep pace, but an impressive feat all the same.She told that she is “tired” and “stressed” and that the most awkward moment of the tour so far was that, “One time a guy entered and pulled his underwear down, but he was not hard at all.He then started to cry, saying [to] me, ‘I am sorry I am too shy.’” As for how the rest of the guys liked the blowjobs, which Saulino performs in a private room while everyone else waits their turn in an organized line, she said, “Nobody has complained so far.” That sounds about right. Because this ambitious endeavor has actual health implications, we reached out to a real doctor—with real medical degrees and everything!In fact, I’m surprised that she has lasted this long.If she was my patient, I would advise her to give her mouth a break.” But since it looks like Saulino shows no signs of stopping, what’s the thing that could happen to her jaw?

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