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Instead, talk about all the great things that you love about your life. No one wants to associate themselves with a downer.What observations have you made about Charlotte’s dating scene? Peel the layers back, get to know a guy before deciding he is not the one for you.Busy singles needed a space specifically curated to meet other eligible Black singles.In 2013, he launched Charlotte-based Real Black Love Inc., an online dating site for African American singles.It is give-and-take, both men and women have to find that vulnerability is not a bad thing when it is reciprocated.Danielle created a profile on the RBL app and within 24 hours received several messages. Nakisha Washington is a journalist who interviewed America’s first self-made female billionaire, a presidential candidate and her favorite reality TV personality all within 72 hours.

What are some tips for creating an online dating profile that attracts compatible matches?“I really had to step out of my comfort zone,” Erin wrote in an article for Charlotte Her first step was to join a Meetup group for young professionals, attending weekly meetings and monthly dinners at restaurants across the city. From cooking classes to book clubs to fitness teams and church functions, Erin was putting herself out there in every way possible, and she loved it.Can’t fail to mention that we are the only Black-owned, operated and funded dating app with African American investors who span across the country. Although online dating isn’t new, some still have reservations about meeting their next potential mate on a dating site.Can you dispel some of the myths that people have about online dating?

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