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Our heroes are Amy (Georgina Cambell) and Frank (Joe Cole), who are paired up early in the episode, part, and can’t stop thinking about one another.

In the end, even though The System tells them their time is up, they rebel and run away together, opting to scale a giant wall to see what’s on the other side.

This is the biggest surprise i came across these last couple of years. Every episode is unique yet criticizes the same absurd society we're living in.

I was shocked at the great filming/acting/directing and of course writing of these different stories. The most futuristic but also the most accurate representation of what most of our lives look like right now. I wont miss anything else Charlie Brooker does and i'm patiently waiting for the DVD to come out.

So, if you come up with something that has that kind of resonance with people, that’s a good thing.” “Well, there’s a lot of anthology shows coming up at the moment and I think that’s partly a cyclical thing because anthology shows are the oldest format of television show there is – apart from a test card – and partly because of online and on-demand platforms.

On a traditional network, it’s harder to get people to come back week after week because there are no cliffhangers. So, Netflix passed her the script, which she liked, and then we had a Skype chat, which is quite a moment, isn’t it? She is super-smart and extremely grounded, you would say extremely grounded for anyone – let alone someone who’s been in the public eye since they were about four years old.” That episode is about technology that protects kids from nastiness in a way that’s very . “Yeah, I mean, I don’t know if you’ve got kids at all – you might as well, it’s worth doing – but it absolutely destroys your life in a good way.

Whereas now, everything comes up to you in your magic online cupboard, so that doesn’t matter.” Jodie Foster directed an episode in the new season. You immediately drop down in your list of priorities and you have this primal urge to protect them.” So the episode is more of a personal fantasy?

“Definitely, if the technology existed, it would be very hard – almost impossible – to say no to.

We see that in 1,000 simulations, only two times did the pair not rebel, thus making them a 99.8% match on this dating system.

Just saw in a review that a guy stopped watching after 20 minutes at the second episode. I hope this also gets a Blu-Ray version and maybe some new episodes after wards?

Did you see the story that did the rounds about Ross from Friends coming up with the premise for ‘San Junipero’ in an old episode of the show? ” Apparently “They must just want to get it over with quickly. You’ve eaten your dessert and everything, and now here comes the starter again. Is it nice have created something that’s become a part of the cultural conversation?

I was saying, "Don't look, you'll regret it".

But what this episode turned into was pure heaven, probably the best episode this season.

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