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Although Volvo cars earned the reputation of longevity, it is possibly the experience, dedication and expert advice from the Club and members that has helped preserve the old models that are still often used daily, and now apply for the more recent and newer models.

Times are changing and the technology in cars is very sophisticated.

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Details of other smaller and more local events can be found on the Events section of our forum or in the Calendar The Volvo History section covers all the Volvo cars from 1927 and includes some technical information about them.

It includes various reports and documents covering the production of Volvo cars over the years and also includes Volvo Car Production statistics.

Air conditioning, electronics and turbos are now common in many of the newer models, and their numbers in the Club are growing.

The newer and younger members now have these cars that are less than 10 years old and affordable.

Regardless of your choice of Volvo model, we're sure you'll find something for your needs within our Club services today. Members of the Volvo Owners Club have certain pages they alone can access and require a password.

Yet the site offers more than technical information; by presenting recipient biographies and delving into the historical atmosphere of the era, the reader is able to better understand and appreciate the experiences of the men who charged into battle for Germany throughout World War II.

The website currently spans over 400 pages and includes a comprehensive catalog of Wehrmacht militaria, which can be browsed with the navigation bar to the left.

is an entity focused on the awards, decorations and militaria of the German Armed Forces during the Third Reich era.

Within the pages of this project you will find construction methods, manufacturing characteristics, and detailed specifications of vital interest to every collector.

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