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C is constant in all living creatures and begins to decrease from their time of death, when there is no further exchange with the environment.

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Note that for paintings exposed to air, contamination by organic matter of indeterminate age must also be taken into account.Calcium oxalate deposits can be mixed in with pigments and skew the results as their age can vary from the age of the paintings to the present-day (see below the paragraph on oxalates).It is thus essential to ensure that oxalates have been eliminated (Bonneau The significance of these contaminations explains why all current research is aimed at improving pretreatment procedures.The results are perfectly consistent, both in relation to each other and in relation to the age of the black paintings (Cuzange Unfortunately, this experiment did not silence the antagonists, who were taken off guard and advanced improbable hypotheses to continue to refute the age of the paintings from Chauvet Cave (Combier, Jouve, 2012).When solid matter such as flint or calcite is bombarded by cosmic rays, electrons are trapped in high energy levels.

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