Can you restore ipod without updating software

The first stage in the restore process unlocks the i Pad, you are basically just cancelling out the restore process as soon as it reactivates the i Pad.

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Might work on your i Pad so you won't lose everything.~~~~~~~~~~~~~‘i Pad is disabled’ fix without resetting using i Tunes Today I met my match with an i Pad that had a passcode entered too many times, resulting in it displaying the message ‘i Pad is disabled – Connect to i Tunes’.

You could make an appointment at an Apple Store and ask them to restore the i Pad for you.

They have more sophisticated means of dealing with software issues than we have and they should be able to restore and update the device for you. I followed these instructions and I was wondering if anybody would be able to help me out, preferrably ASAP.

After selecting update and restore it says that I have ten hours remaining?

I have limited data and cannot use my internet to do the update and restore if it is going to take ten hours.

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