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So if a canvas is newer than the date of in its signature or the period in which the artist was known to be painting, this would indicate a fake. A forger may get appropriately old canvases to use.For example, the notorious German forger Wolfgang Beltracchi bought his supports and frames from antique markets. Researchers looked at a known forgery where the canvas was the appropriate age, but when they analyzed the paint, they found that it was from after 1950 (nuclear testing began in the 1950s, which is picked up on in the radiocarbon dating).However, you might end up in a situation where your unit tests would fail if the current day is a non-working day.Next, imagine you're practicing continous delivery – like you probably should – and you can't deploy a critical fix to production until tomorrow because of a failing pipeline. You would probably just mark this test as incomplete so the entire pipeline could pass even if a single unit test would fail.Some wine experts estimate that up to 5 percent of the fine wine sold today is fake.

Smaller Samples Since the 1940s, radiocarbon dating has become more advanced, needing smaller and smaller samples of material to be tested.

Fortunately, Carbon offers a simple solution for faking dates in unit tests.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2010 — Two decades of atomic bomb testing in the atmosphere are yielding an unexpected bonus for consumers, scientists reported here today at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

“Connoisseurs collect vintage wines and prices have soared with ‘investment wines’ selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars a case at auction.” Jones said the wine industry is fighting forgeries with special seals and high-tech labels.

The method for authentication of a wine’s vintage may provide added confidence that the vintage on the label is the vintage in the bottle.

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