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The waiter tried to place the charge on the American Express card, but the system does not accept the American Express card. The answer is no, Applebees does not accept American Express even though they say they accept it.

Sigh, Art Having an American Express card over other major credit card companies is a good way to avoid major interest accumulation.

With American Express, you have to pay the balance at the closing of the billing cycle.

Pay Pal Australia does not accept American Express card, because Pay Pal Australia already localized its website.

Having an American Express card has long been considered a symbol of prestige.They offer 'Personal', 'Small Business', 'Corporate' and 'Prepaid' Cards.I was at the Applebees restaurant today on Monday, May 18th at 945PM Eastern Time.You need to spend over 0,000 per annum on your existing American Express card, have an exceptional credit history and substantial personal means.A member can receive American express rewards by retaining an American express credit card.

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