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They were filming down in Mexico, he says, when he and the horse had a shared moment of recognition. And though he's been traveling for most of this past year, going back and forth between Toronto, where he was shooting a series based on an FX series about the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III produced by Danny Boyle, he makes sure to stop in and visit Pecas every few weeks or so.

Why he does this is a question with a few different, surprising answers.

Fraser was gentle and eager and apparently guileless, and we as a country decided that was something we wanted as frequently as he would provide it, and so he spent some of the best years of his life doing his best to do just that. And on it went—in retrospect, far beyond where Fraser wanted it to go.

“I believe I probably was trying too hard, in a way that's destructive,” Fraser says now.

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For much of the 1990s, Fraser spent a lot of time emerging wide-eyed from bomb shelters as a Jewish scholarship quarterback fighting for his place at an elite, anti-Semitic boarding school.That movie put him on the track toward a very specific kind of role.In 1999, he starred in a horror-adventure flick that also made a bunch of money and ultimately spawned a franchise that would occupy, on and off, the next nine years of his life.But that is the way it is, I'm learning, with Brendan Fraser. You wander in and then emerge, hours or days later, disoriented but appreciative that something so unpredictable can still exist in this world.He can't help but digress—“Instead of telling you what time it is, I might give you the history of horology,” he says, in the middle of saying something else. His eyes are pale and a bit watery these days—less wide than they used to be when he was new to the screen, playing guys who were often new to the world.

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