Books about dating relationships

There is a lot of stigma around purchasing a relationship book.

It may make you feel like your relationship just isn’t working, or it can feel like a last-ditch effort to save a terminal relationship. You and your partner are not all-knowing, so it’s totally normal to hunt for advice on how to mend and strengthen your relationship.

This book details how both partners – no matter the level of your sex drive – can build back that physical connection.Others love over-the-top grand gestures, while others enjoy a more subtle approach to showing your love.Whatever you or your partner’s love language, Gary Chapman has made a simple guide to expressing and accepting each other’s love languages.Those difficult conversations can be hindering your relationship with your significant other.The teachers of the Harvard Negotiation Project have put together this book to guide you through how to navigate every tough conversation or fight with not just the people you love, but colleagues, parents and the like. Some live for the 24/7 endearing text messages and others prefer a to-the-point style of texting.

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