Bone collagen dating

My wife Chelsea and I used to drive over an hour to pick up ingredients to make our bone broth weekly to get the collagen boost our bodies craved.But after all the time and effort of making it, we would run out after just a few days.These criteria now can be used to accurately determine collagen quality in bones before sacrificing samples to the lengthy and destructive chemical extractions necessary for carbon-14 dating, stable isotope analyses, proteomic analyses, and other techniques of archaeological or paleontological interest.Abstract: The discovery of collagen in a Tyrannosaurus-rex dinosaur femur bone was recently reported in the journal Science." data-bread-crumbs="Anti-Aging; Best Seller; Collagen; Contains Protein; Dairy Free; Filter: Dairy Free; Filter: Gluten Free; Filter: Neutral; Filter: Nut Free; Filter: Paleo; Filter: Powder; Gluten Free; Neutral; Nut Free; Paleo; Powder;"There’s a reason that collagen supplementation, in addition to an overall healthy diet and lifestyle, is being dubbed as the new essential in the wellness and beauty community.Abstract This study examines Fourier transform (FT) Raman spectroscopy as a non-destructive screening method to determine collagen quality in archaeological and paleontological bones.The data was challenged by Thomas Stafford as poor science due to assumed contamination from modern C-14 with younger surficial calcium carbonate.Accelerated Mass Spectrometer (AMS) dating of dinosaur bone bio-apatite from 170 grams of bone fragments and milligram surface scrapings of an Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur gave ages of 25,750 ± 280 and 23,760 ± 270 respectively.

All of the above are great collagen boosters, but none of them compare to the greatest collagen booster in the world, which is collagen itself that comes from sources including chicken broth, beef broth, wild fish broth and eggshell membranes.

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Indeed both bones contained collagen and conventional dates of 30,890 ± 380 radiocarbon years (RC) for the Triceratops and 23,170 ±170 RC years for the Hadrosaur were obtained using the Accelerated Mass Spectrometer (AMS).

Total organic carbon and/or dinosaur bone bio-apatite was then extracted and pretreated to remove potential contaminants and concordant radiocarbon dates were obtained, all of which were similar to radiocarbon dates for megafauna. Walter Libby's team of collagen from "dense mid-shaft femur bones" of twelve extinct saber tooth tigers, [Smilodon] from the Le Brea Tar Pits of Los Angeles CA.

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