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“Fiddling” with the facts could include slightly changing the title of their position at work to sound more impressive. These people are just trying to make themselves sound slightly more attractive.

While these lies are not much of a threat, there are people who create profiles that are 100% made up.

Besides, that’s one of the biggest perks of being in a Casual Relationship...

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FWB Meaning: Top 4 Things You Must Remember Before Getting Into Any FWB Relationship This scenario is all too familiar – you Hook Up with this hot guy, whom you met through a mutual friend.It’s the stuff of nightmares, fake profiles scams are the far opposite of what you see on the commercials (Happy couples dancing to the jingle).Fake online profiles are much more common on free online dating sites.It’s too easy to lie on dating profiles, so it’s important that you always have a healthy amount of suspicion.Another study has shown an even more shocking number, stating that 90% of users fiddle with their facts on their online profiles.

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