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Actual pricing for steering wheels vary greatly and are dependent upon what your request is; whether recovering, re-stitching, restoration or customizing and the materials being used.

Your price estimate will further depend on the make, model and year of your vehicle as well as any shipping costs involved. Steering Wheels Easy Shipping Option You can drop off your vehicle and we can remove the wheel.

Leather Shift Knobs Is your leather shift knob worn and tattered looking?

Aero upholstery is skilled and experienced at hand stitching new leather shift knob covers as well.

After losing his sight, David, now a 41-year-old professor at a southern university, searched for porn on the Internet, settling on pornographic stories dictated to him by a screen-reading software or listening to regular porn videos without seeing the action.

So, many of the vehicles brought in for new steering wheel upholstery have airbags.

In order for us to re-stitch the steering wheel, it is necessary to remove and reinstall the airbag.

Pornhub released a second batch of more than 15 videos in late November.

The company made a few tweaks after receiving feedback from the blind community—mainly, users suggested fixing the sound levels so the narration did not drown out the organic audio of the videos.

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