Bind updating zone file

Sample scenario notes to help you ready this DNS bind howto:dnsutils is not compulsory package to run bind webserver, but we will use a dig command which is part of this package as a testing tool of your bind configuration. This IP address is used in case that a local DNS server do not know the answer the a name resolution query.

At this stage we will need to create a new zone file for a domain In IP address of a DNS server in many cases is provided by your Internet provider.

Installing BIND using packages provided with your distribution is the recommended way.

Select this installation mode for an easy installation and to automatically receive updates when available.

Samba AD is not compatible with other DNS servers, even if those that supports tkey-gss updates, because parts of Samba (like the DNS management RPC server and the domain join) assume the replicated DNS entries in the AD Database are the same as those exposed over DNS.

Likewise the security of the system depends on the ACLs on each DNS entry in AD.

For details how to install packages, see the distribution's package manager documentation.

before you proceed with the installation and configuration of bind nameserver make sure that bind DNS server is exactly what you want.

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A domain is a logical division of the DNS name space whereas a zone is physical, as the information is stored in a file called a zone file.

This fact is even more important if you pay for your own VPS server.

Another DNS nameservers available on a Linux systems are NSD ( Name Server Daemon) or djbdns ( tinydns ).

Teams A, B, C and each team has 20 players in the squad.

What you need is for anyone to be able to contact any player on any of the teams.

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