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I went to PS 200 and then to Lafayette high school. Clinton transformed into a pot smoking hippy, while Bush Sr.One, armed with a handgun, shot Hawkins twice in the chest, killing him.Hawkins had gone to Bensonhurst that night with three friends to inquire about a used 1982 Pontiac automobile that was for sale.

The two men who led the mob that beat and chased Hawkins were tried separately.

I've been single for a couple of years and been frightened to get into another relationship.

I'd recommend to visit this neighborhood if you want to see living quarters of New York, in case you stayed in Brooklyn. Bensonhurst as a tourist attraction is a bit iffy and definitely depends on what individuals want out of travel. People talk about brown-stone Brooklyn with houses dating back to the 1880's.

Mondello, also 19, received a sentence of 5⅓ to 16 years in prison.

Other members of the gang that chased and beat Hawkins were tried as well.

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