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You fail, even before you meet a woman for the first date, because you reek of desperation. When a woman says, “You’re a nice guy…” this is the kiss of death. When you’re with a woman on a date, be polite and friendly.

Your troubles in dating is because you want a girlfriend badly, so badly that it is hurting your efforts.

Please excuse the rough-draft vibe, since I didn’t have time to polish. The perception was that only desperate people meet online because they can’t find a partner in the real world.For example, take ’s 2007 episode “How I Met Everyone Else,” in which the protagonist, Ted, meets a girl online and brings her to dinner with his friends. Instead, I order a tall hot tea, so that I won’t feel guilty if the stranger with me offers to pay. We sit at an available table for two near the bathroom and I shred a piece off of the sleeve on my cup.It’s anonymous, impersonal, and halfway between our workplaces, as romantic as a business meeting.

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