Asp net open source dating script

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Powering all of this flexibility, Wyam's configuration file is actually a fully featured C# script, complete with support for external add-ins and modules, classes, and anything else you can do in C#.

Wyam is maintained by Dave Glick and is available on Git Hub under an MIT License. Scripty: Tools to let you use Roslyn-powered C# scripts for code generation. NET into the realm of metaprogramming, Scripty is a cool project that uses C# scripts to generate C# code.

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Wyam can be used to generate anything from static websites, to online documentation, to complete blogs, and the engine behind Wyam even can be embedded in other . The toolkit supports a wide range of technologies and formats, including common .

NET technologies (like Razor templates), but also external types, such as Markdown, LESS styles, YAML parsing, and a built-in web server.

Cake is maintained by Patrik Svensson, Mattias Karlsson, Gary Ewan Park, and Alistair Chapman, and is available on Git Hub under an MIT license. NET apps, but also allows for complex, nested, statically typed configuration that plugs right into your code, no XML needed.

Because Config R is built on Roslyn, it also allows for referencing external assemblies and scripts so you even can share common configuration logic or retrieve configuration values from a remote server, all from one file.

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