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Now the industry works primarily online and is somewhat like dating sites - the difference is that such services from the very beginning do not imply equality between women and men.

Among the shortcomings can be noted the language barrier and limited access to the Internet.

Your friends back home will be envious once they see how your beautiful young Thai bride treats you like a king.

According to a survey in which more than 19,000 people took part, a third of marriages begin with online dating.

The same agencies help to get documents for a visa and arrange for men to go to a “show of brides” to any country of Eastern Europe - what is happening reminds either speed dating or the car market.

As a rule, a restaurant or a banquet room is removed for a bride, where the suitors can communicate with hundreds of candidates at a time and choose the right one. So, one of the Singapore agencies calls the amount of five thousand dollars and promises to accommodate a trip to Vietnam, the choice of the bride, the wedding and return home in one week.

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