Are you dating a commitment phobe

But really, all he needed to cure his “commitment-phobia” was the right girl because when she came along, he dropped me and committed himself to her exclusively within a matter of weeks!MORE: Definite Signs He’s Not Serious About You The fact is, a lot of the time we fall into “placeholder relationships” and unfortunately, both parties aren’t usually on the same page.they just don’t want to commit to that particular girl. I’ve been there and I lived it so trust me, I know!I dated a guy for eight months who refused to call me his official girlfriend, and I justified it by saying he’s just “commitment-phobic” and needs more time to get himself and his life in order.Eventually, he told her that his ex-girlfriend, who he had been with for six years, was secretly a stripper and escort on the side. Yes, it’s hard to walk away from a great guy, but what is the point of being with a great guy when you can’t even have him in the way you want? A lot of women get so nervous about their guy not committing that they pressure him into it, which makes him even less likely to want to commit.He felt hugely betrayed and just needed more time before he could officially commit … Had she not brought her fears into it and just let things evolve naturally, he probably would have committed much sooner! We all need to feel like we have ownership of our lives, not like we were forced into making certain choices. Now he has to do things your way or you’ll make him suffer and this may cause him to resent you.No man will ever appreciate being pressured into doing something.

However, do not ever fall into the role of being this therapist. I know it can seem like guys handle breakups seamlessly, but that’s usually just a front.

This doesn’t mean you can’t ever talk about where things are going, but there is a right way to do this so that you aren’t making threats and piling on the pressure.

(Read this article for more: How to Have “The Talk” to Define Your Relationship) Being emotional and vulnerable doesn’t come as easily to men as it does to women.

A guy might meet a wonderful girl and he might really enjoy her.

He’s attracted to her, he likes hanging out with her, and he thinks she’s great …

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