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Sure, Felix wasn’t exactly well fleshed-out to begin with, but Copon’s performance never felt believable.

That, coupled with the extreme lack of sparks between him and Brooke, gave the character a very lackluster arc overall.

Peyton and Lucas were finally back together, so many viewers weren’t happy to see him.

However, it turned out that Julian was there to become a love interest for Brooke instead.

Nichols was quite charismatic, but there was a real vulnerability to his performance as well.

Brooke’s season 2 love interest, Felix Taggaro, served little purpose.

Peyton had a whole lot of drama to deal with on a daily basis, from psycho stalkers to two deceased mothers.

Viewers become so invested in their fates that no plotline was crazy enough to drive them away - not even a dog chowing down on Dan’s transplant heart.

Even the show’s most ardent supporters can admit that it continued on past its expiration date, but most fans stuck with OTH to the bitter ends.

The series had its fair share of flaws, but it was also nearly impossible to stop watching.

Few who started One Tree Hill ever managed to find a way to quit it.

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