Are bradley cooper and olivia wilde dating

It helped that at the time their relationship started, he was still building his profile and had yet to get his big break.Moreover, she wasn’t that well-known herself, with her sister – Jordana Brewster – being the more famous of the siblings.Although Bradley wasn’t too quick to jump back on the bandwagon after his divorce, it was less than a year before rumors of a new lover emerged.This came in the form of Cameron Diaz, a woman who was well established in Hollywood by 2007.Even if you’re single, that doesn’t stop people speculating about who you might be seeing behind the scenes.It can feel incredibly invasive, especially when you start getting hounded with questions about a relationship that doesn’t exist.The duo reportedly started dating in April 2008, with their romance lasting for roughly a year.

One celebrity who’s experienced a wealth of interest in their love life is Bradley Cooper.

Having a relationship fly entirely under the radar is practically unheard of in the celebrity world.

However, Bradley Cooper did an excellent job of keeping his love with Isabella Brewster away from the limelight.

So, when it emerged that Bradley Cooper was dating the Friends star, the press couldn’t wait to talk about it.

Obviously, that date wasn’t enough to spark a flame between these two, because Aniston went on to marry Justin Thereaux.

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