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This article is about the Spanish dance and music genre. Pasodoble (Spanish: double step) is a fast-paced Spanish military march used by infantry troops. For the song by Ringo Starr, "Pasodobles", see Liverpool 8.The dance can be similar to the one-step, excepts for the speed and number of steps given.The origin of this passionate form of music is disputed.Other tunes have been inspired by patriotic motifs or local characters.The Pasodoble is well-known and used today for dance competitions.Famous musicologists José Subirá considers that the origin of the tune was a combination of military marches and light music from Spanish popular theater that gradually permeated the "entremeses" of more respectable plays.Famous bullfighters have been honored with Pasodoble tunes named for them.

This hypothesis neglects to explain the presence of partitures dating from 1780, that Spanish infantry already marched at doble speed before the French army did-albeit they did call this speed "forced march", not "doble step"- and the fact that the oldest forms of pasodoble have confrontation elements, like most Spanish dances, but don't have bullfight-related movements or themes.

In modern Spain the most prolific composition of pasodobles is happening in the Levantine coast, associated to the festivals of Moors and Christians. The dancers must remain one in front of the other, and keep their bodies parallel to each other at all times, lining slightly to the left. The left hand of the male and the right hand of the woman must remain united almost permanently.

Besides this almost all motions and figures are accepted, which allows space for dramatization.

Made to dance in popular celebrations and social reunions.

They tend to be upbeat, but can also be emotional and introspective, with the occasional melancholic or patriotic theme.

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