Aimee teegarden dating thomas mcdonell

To be honest with you guys, it came up like: “You’re gonna do a Disney movie? ” But then people would say, “But it’s cool, Heath Ledger did a Disney movie.A lot of people got their start doing Disney movies like that, right?An actor in film and television from the age of 14, she recently spent five very big years of her young life living in Austin while filming the critically beloved NBC series , currently airing its fifth and final season.Talking with Teegarden feels like chatting with the button-cute president of the FBLA: she is bright, quick, and upbeat. The well-spoken NYU-trained actor, 24, got his first film role when he auditioned “as an experiment” for a small role in the Jackie Chan movie promotional blitz.But over the movie, you pull back the layers and realize she doesn’t really know what she stands for or why she stands for it. TM: The studio and the director and the cast and the writer of the script, everyone was pretty committed to making the characters more than just those types you described. They wanted the types to exist, but they also wanted to explode them.One of, if not the most, important themes of the film is things not being the way that they seem at first. Then, in fact, she’s not like that, there’s more to her.

It was just like people everywhere with their Scream masks and memorabilia they’d been carrying around forever.So it’s kinda fun to watch and figure out where you’ve seen that scene or that relationship before.We have a John Cusack character, Lloyd (Nicholas Braun), and my character’s relationship with her father is kinda like the father-daughter story in ].As actors, how did you approach your characters to elevate them beyond that?AT: For me, it was finding what sets this character apart from any other part I’ve played or any character I’ve seen growing up.

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