Adventist church dating site

” I wanted SAot W to be a platform to challenge that notion – there are quality people out there; you just haven’t met them yet… Founder: We’re not a dating site; our intention is to build community and connect like-minded people.

If a relationship develops as a result from those connections, praise the Lord!

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Founder: The inner circle of my friendship group consists of committed, single, Adventists who work full-time, are very involved in their local church’s respective ministries and didn’t attend Adventist Universities, hence, missing the opportunity to graduate with a degree spouse combo.

If your Adam or Eve didn’t come to these events, you were left with very limited options, “Should I stay single forever? ”Recently, many single Adventists have turned to online dating, only to discover that the person they have been eyeing out from campmeeting hasn’t signed up.

Some still choose to try this medium to meet that special someone, yet they are secretive about it because of the stigma associated with online dating. Last week I discovered an Instagram page called “Single Adventist of the Week” @saotw.7 that does weekly features on single Adventists from around the world in a humorous yet tasteful way.

The page also shares quotes and encouragement, fully loaded with your favourite emojis.

When a person is featured, a special “Saot W” badge is mailed out to them, bridging the gap between the virtual and the physical.

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