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The Department operates Hawaii's public schools on a .1 billion budget comprised primarily of state funds (81 percent).

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Click to view: COMING UP: Supplemental Budget request, FY21 (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021)The Department is gathering input from its schools and offices and the Committee on Weights through the summer and early fall, and will make a formal budget recommendation to the Board of Education in October 2019.

Learn about the DOE budget, state comparisons and more.

Share This: The State of Hawaii runs its budget on a fiscal biennium that's submitted to the Legislature during odd-numbered years, with course-corrections and new asks submitted during the intervening years via a supplemental budget.

This information was reported to the Board of Education on January 17, 2019 and these expenditures in the aggregate are part of our budget reporting to the Legislature with the Fiscal 2019-2021 request.

(See chart.) To learn more about how PPE is calculated at these various levels, and to understand the factors that drive variances between schools, please review: The funding of public schools is typically expressed “per pupil” — how much school districts are taking in and spending divided by the number of students served. Census Bureau’s annual survey reflecting Fiscal Year 2016 data, released May 2018 (figures pulled from Summary Tables 11 and 12): This nationally reported per-pupil funding includes monies from EDNs 100-400, and includes all means of finance: state, federal, special and trust.

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