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If you’re looking to get into the world of professional drone photography, or simply have the money to spend on the highest end of the prosumer market, this quadcopter is for you.

But if the Mavic 2 is such a remarkable piece of hardware (and it is), why are we recommending the older DJI Mavic Pro 1?

Why we recommend the AA200 as a great beginner drone, take a look at this video showing the Autonomous Hover & Positioning system called AHP by Altair Aerial: In GPS Flight Mode, the drone will hold itself stable in a point in space, requiring only that you steer it to whatever position you want it to stay in.

Advanced stabilization features also make the Outlaw SE extremely easy for anyone to fly.

Still, this is a great beginner drones for adults, as opposed to the cheaper options which (other than the Altair models) are generally designed to work as beginner drones for kids.

When looking for high-end drones, there really is no better choice than the 2018 Parrot Anafi.

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