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In attempts to accommodate these students in the classroom, faculty often have the ethical concern of balancing the rights of students with learning disabilities with the academic integrity of the course, program of study, and institution.In order to dispel misinformation, a brief description of learning disabilities and federal law is provided. " is examined, and recommendations are provided for the informed and active participation of faculty in accommodating college students with learning disabilities.TEA accessibility policies may apply to any student taking STAAR or TELPAS depending on his or her needs and whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria, if applicable. Within each category are links to policy documents that provide more specific information.NOTE: The 2019–2020 Accessibility Policy Documents are currently being updated and the links to the PDFs will be available soon on this web page.Educators must read and understand the information in the links below prior to submitting an Accommodation Request Form to TEA.The 2019–2020 Accommodation Request Process (PDF) guides district and campus personnel in the process for requesting designated supports.You must submit a 2019–2020 Request for a Special Administration of an Online Assessment and include in the request any designated support requiring TEA approval the student may need.The online request form will be available October 1, 2019.

The plan can be terminated if the 504 team determines that the student: Parents have the right to choose where their kids will be educated.

Disagreements also can arise about details within the 504 plan itself. Once the plan is developed by the team, all the student's teachers are responsible for implementing the accommodations in the plan, as well as participating in plan reviews.

In these cases, parents can make written appeals to the school district or the U. The 504 plan should be reviewed at least annually to determine if the accommodations are up to date and appropriate, based on the student's needs.

After reviewing academic and medical records and interviewing the student and parents, the 504 team determines if the child is eligible to have a 504 plan put in place.

Sometimes school officials and parents disagree about eligibility.

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