3d coat psd texture auto updating

So far Id just done this creating objects and making them flat - but this isn't ideal.Next to keep the live updating I tried selecting a PSD as my material texture and UV unwrapping like this, but the PSD doesn't update live.This time Pilgway has added Live Clay, which allows the model to dynamically tessellate as you’re working, only adding geometry where it’s needed.

The paint tool in Blender doesn't seem to allow for clean shapes like PS.The shortcut is On the Properties panel of images used as texture there is also a button to reload the image from disk.There is an addon to sychronize gimp with blender, but I don't know if it still works. but the info is in this answer: Can Krita and Blender be linked?Image used as textures will not update automatically every time the file is changed, but you don't need to close blender to make the changes visible.The easiest way to do this is to re-load the image in the UV/Image editor window.

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