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There are some reasons for marriage that are ephemeral.These reasons include social legitimacy, social pressure, the desire for a high social status, economic security, rebellion or revenge, or validation of an unplanned pregnancy.Asians have the lowest rate of divorce among the main groups with 1.8%.Whites, African Americans, and Native Americans have the highest rates of being widowed ranging from 5%–6.5%.Since the late 1960s, divorce has become more prevalent.

Reports published by the General Accounting Office in 19 identified over 1000 such laws.In all these jurisdictions, these are also the ages of majority.In Alabama, however, the age of majority is 19, while the general marriage age is 18.Most states also set a lower age at which underage persons are able to marry with parental and/or judicial consent.Marriages where one partner is less than 18 years of age are commonly referred to as child or underage marriages.

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